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Your small business doesn’t need a website designed, you need SALES


We know that when you say “I need a website designed, what you’re really saying is “I need customers and to increase revenue in my small business”.

Sure you need a website designed, but that’s just the first step to achieving internet advertising success.  Mecca Bey Creative gets that and offers custom internet marketing solutions designed to help our clients meet their real goals.

The goal of small business marketing should never be to apply a cookie cutter or one solution fits all type solution to something as unique as a small business.  Businesses are unique and all have their own unique selling points which should be conveyed in any business marketing plan.  If your request for a website consists only of questions about page content, colors, and where to send content chances are the company you are considering will give you exactly what you want, even if it’s the last thing you need.


Mecca Bey Creative consultations are different, tailored to each client and purposely thorough.  We start with an in depth analysis of your particular use case, objectives, industry trends, barriers to success and specific deliverables you hope to achieve and base suggestions and options on your needed and the best course of action for success.  Your conversation might start with “I need a website designed” but will certainly end with your being totally informed and more educated about how the finished product will actually help your business and what features and options will be best for your small business.

Contact the experts at Mecca Bey Creative and schedule your FREE, no hassle website consultation today.  We are certain we have the best product and price to suit your needs and guarantee that you will leave the conversation with our small business marketing consultant armed with tailored information for your specific business.   Even if you decide to go with another company, at least you will leave our conversation better informed and armed with the right questions to ask to make your website project a success!

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