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March 15, 2012

Top Tips from Moms Who Sell Online


Do you constantly wonder how to make your online product or service business better?

We do, so we asked other mogul moms to share killer tips for boosting online business:

Leverage Facebook

Facebook is an even bigger deal if you’re an online business. Facebook ads help you tap right into your target market and rev up exposure. Alexia ofTough Girl Tutus explains:

“Not only do we use Facebook advertising at a very minimal cost, because we can really target our consumer, but we also constantly place comments on Facebook walls of other like-minded entities. For example, we manufacture running tutus, so we’ll post suggestions on the Facebook walls of marathons and other women’s sports activities.”

Make it Personal

Great customer service can’t be stressed enough. Brina from The Younique Boutique leverages phone power:

“In this crazy age of email, text, tweets and wall posts, there is nothing more personal than a phone call. We try to call every customer to address issues or concerns (about orders). Contact forms always politely ask for phone numbers and when we are contacted by online chat, we always offer to call.”

Prompt return emails, phone calls or social media replies always make customers feel appreciated.


SEO doesn’t end with your website content. Pay attention to the keywords you use in everything you post online (blog posts, articles, comments). In turn, research popular keywords related to your genre to see what consumers are looking for.

Nichi from My Healthy Beginning shares her strategy: “For optimization, I check out key words before creating blog posts and feature articles for my weekly ezine, so I know what people are searching for and interested in before I write.”

Sometimes, small changes make a big difference. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

What are your top tips for selling online? We’d love it if you’d share!

Post by Heather Allard

Heather Allard is the founder of The Mogul Mom and mom to Hope, Grace & Brendan and The Dude, her beloved dog. Over the past decade, she’s built three successful businesses, including one she sold for six figures.

Heather has written 484 awesome posts. Reposted from

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